Top 3 Benefits Of Choosing A Plant-Based Wax Candle

Here at Wax / Wine, we work with 100% essential oils and have created a selection of blends to suit all styles and moods. One of our main focuses is bringing you a sustainable solution to all of your candle-burning needs, which will benefit you in many different ways. In this article, we will be looking at the positive effects a plant-based candle can have on both your mental and physical health, why it may be more cost-effective to look at a sustainable alternative to your normal candles, and the difference that coconut and rapeseed wax can make to the planet. 

 plant based candle


1. The Health Benefits of Plant-Based Candles

Overthinking or having a busy mind is something many of us struggle with on a regular basis. When it comes to lightening a candle, not only does it create a calming glow, but also, certain scents can actually quieten your mind.  More floral or herbal variations of candles, such as our lavender and sage, can actually improve your mood, and make you feel overall, more centered. 

Candles have been used in this way for centuries, including in the practice known as ‘Trataka’. Translated, the Sanskrit word, Trataka means “to gaze steadily’ and is a breathing technique that involves focusing on the flame of a candle for a few minutes or longer and breathing deeply to its flicker. This method of candle gazing meditation can aid people who regularly suffer from panic attacks, and anxiety, and is even recommended to do before bed to calm your mind before sleeping. Here at Wax / Wine, we recommend enjoying an inspiring fragrance of your choice and the soothing sound of a crackling fire made by our wooden wicks. Relax as its flame releases the tranquil aromatherapy essence into the air

In addition to helping your mental health, choosing a plant-based candle over a more synthetic altnerative can also help you physically. When you burn paraffin candles, you will be inhaling everything that comes off of them. This can sometimes include more poisonous chemicals, such as benzene and tetra-decane, not to mention, many, many more as well! A more sustainable wax will burn much cleaner and won’t include these harmful by-products.

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2. More Bang For Your Buck!

Not only are there many positive health effects that come with choosing a plant-based wax candle, but there are also some more material benefits. For example, soy wax, or Coconut and Rapeseed Wax, which our candles here at Wax / Wine are made from, burn slower than their alternatives. 

Our candles have a burn time of between 55 and 70 hours, which means that your candles will last much longer and burn for a lot more time. On top of that, whilst all candles will emit black smoke or soot to a certain extent, you will find that if you purchase a plant-based candle, it will burn much cleaner and create less of this by-product.

 plant based candle


3. Saving The Planet One Candle At A Time

If like many of us, you are looking to be more environmentally conscious when purchasing some of your favourite things, then look no further than coconut wax. Candles can be a tricky thing to buy. Many are made with paraffin wax, which is not the kindest to the planet. Whereas other alternatives, such as the previously mentioned coconut wax or even, soy wax are non-toxic, burn cleaner, and still offer that wonderful after-smell long after it’s been blown out. 

Unfortunately, paraffin is more likely than not to be used in most commercial candles, and if you didn’t already know, paraffin wax is actually a by-product of petroleum refining. This process is used to transform crude oil into ‘useful products’ such as gasoline, petrol, diesel, and other, fuel oils. Whereas coconut wax is made in a must more natural way, as it comes from the cold-pressed meat of the coconuts themselves.

When burning a paraffin wax candle, it will emit pollutants into the air, which of course, is not good for the environment or in fact, for you. On top of that, many people claim that paraffin is actually not biodegradable either and will leave residue in the environment long after you are done with it. 

Here at Wax / Wine, we also ensure that are thinking about the planet, right down to our packaging and how we produce each product. Mass production in the candle industry is another massive problem - especially if there is waste and the products that are being made are not biodegradable or upcycled. That’s why we only ship to order. In addition, we also used recyclable or reused packaging. 

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